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ANSUL is a brand of Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. Johnson Controls' 117,000 employees create intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities.


Johnson Controls' commitment to sustainability dates back to its roots in 1885, with the invention of the first electric room thermostat. They are committed to helping customers win and creating greater value for all stakeholders through strategic focus on buildings and energy growth platforms.


LVS Fire Suppression Systems


The LVS fire suppression system agent provides both fire suppression and superior cooling of superheated surfaces while blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen to help prevent reflash. 


24/7 Fire Protection

Industries rely on their heavy mobile equipment to work around the clock, and the fire protection needs to work 24/7 too. The ANSUL® LVS Liquid Agent Fire Suppression System is designed to suppress fires in mobile equipment used in a wide range of industries including mining, forestry, waste management, transportation and others.

Suppress Mobile Equipment Fires

The LVS fire suppression system agent provides both fire suppression and superior cooling of superheated surfaces while blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen to help prevent reflash. It flows readily into hard-to-reach areas along the same path flammable liquids may have flowed. The wet chemical agent provides a strong measure of freeze protection along with the foaming properties associated with conventional Class B liquid agents. 

Additional system features include the option of a stand-alone, liquid agent system or a twin-agent concept with dry chemical; 20- to 60-second discharge effective on Class A combustibles; pre-mixed 3 gal (11.4 L) or 5 gal (18.9 L) containers for convenient filling of the agent tank; tank capacity of 3 gal to 30 gal (11.4 L to 113.6 L); ease of maintenance and recharge; proven external pressurization cartridge; effective operating range of -40 °F to 140 °F (-40 °C to 60 °C); flexible design and installation parameters; and multiple detection and actuation options.

Protection Starts with 24/7 Detection

The CHECKFIRE system is used with the LVS system to provide around-the-clock, automatic, fire detection and actuation. The rugged control module is designed to withstand shock, vibration and extreme environmental conditions. The CHECKFIRE system includes supervised circuitry, adjustable shutdown, discharge time delays and auxiliary shutdown relay.

Applications for the LVS Fire Suppression System

  • Agribusiness 

  • Aviation

  • Forestry

  • Metal Processing

  • Mining

  • Power Generation/Utilities

  • Transportation

  • Waste Processing


Vehicle Fire Suppression: Redefined


ANSUL® LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Fire Suppression

Your mobile equipment is the muscle that drives your operations. ANSUL LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent keeps it moving with fire suppression that provides rapid flame knockdown, superior surface cooling and reduced equipment downtime – all without the use of perfluorinated chemicals. It’s a revolutionary, non-fluorinated solution that can replace existing foam vehicle fire suppression agents. 

ANSUL LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent changes the game for Class A and B vehicle fire suppression in the in the mining, forestry, waste management, agriculture, construction and transportation industries. It provides the suppression, superior cooling and securing properties needed for vehicle fire protection without the addition of fluorosurfactants found in other common suppression solutions.

Uncompromising Performance 

The innovative formulation of ANSUL LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent uses a unique blend of organic salts and surface-active ingredients and none of the fluorosurfactants often found in other suppression solutions. Its premixed, 5-gallon containers ensure accurate agent tank filling – there’s no need to worry about concentrate proportions. 

ANSUL LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent works in combination with CHECKFIRE Detection and Actuation Systems to provide automatic detection, alarm and fire suppression system actuation for 24-hour protection of equipment. Ready to meet your needs, it can be used as a stand-alone agent or as part of the A-101/LVS Twin-Agent Fire Suppression System.

Convenient and Cost-effective 

ANSUL LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent maintenance is simple and can help reduce costs and downtime. 

  • No new hardware: After removal of existing agent, simply drop new agent replacement into an ANSUL LVS fire suppression system.

  • No annual replacement or dischargerequirements: Change it only at cylinderpressure test intervals.

  • No measuring or guessing: Recharge quickly and efficiently with premixed agent containers and external pressure cartridges.

A Passion for Protection

Dedicated support. An extensive product range. And trusted, proven brands. Johnson Controls offers all of these attributes, plus a passion for protection. It’s what drives us to create solutions like ANSUL LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent to help safeguard what matters most – your people, your property and your business. 

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